Data items set to "hidden" are displayed in the Process Details screen


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    Questetra Support

    The settings for editing/displaying data items are made for each step (modeling element), so there is no mistake in the way the settings are made.
    The display of the Task Processing Screen (form screen) follows this setting, so the target data item should be "Hidden".

    On the other hand, the data items displayed on the Process Details Screen will differ depending on the permissions you have.

    Users with "Data Viewer Authorization" for this app
     - All data items are displayed.
    Users who do not have "Data Viewer Authorization
     - Data items that are set to "Hidden" in the task processing screen settings will not be displayed.
    - Only data items that are "Editable" or "Display only" will be displayed.
    - However, if a user is also in charge of processing other steps, data items with settings of "Editable" and " Display only" will be displayed in the Process Detail screen.

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