Is it possible to correct data if I make a typo?



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    A person in charge of processing a Task cannot freely modify data that has already been entered in order to prevent them from changing the data after the supervisor's approval has been given. Only the forms in [My Tasks] can be modified or be given input.

    However, depending on the Workflow settings, you may be able to modify the data.
    For example, in workflows that are designed to allow Tasks to be returned to an upstream Step, the Task will be returned to you when the Process is sent back. In this case, the input data can be changed in the Task Processing screen.

    In addition, Users with specific permissions can use the data editing function to modify the input data. If you really need to modify data please ask an authorized User to do so.

    However, if the process has been terminated, even authorized Users cannot edit the data to prevent data tampering.


    Can I Modify Data That Has Been Input Incorrectly?

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