How can I determine who can see my posts in Open Chat?



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    Questetra Support

    You can specify who will see a post when posting a message. On the Open Chat timeline select one of the following:

    • Follower
    • An Organization to which you belong
    • (unspecified)

    In addition, the post will be shared to Users and Organizations that you "mention" (using the @ symbol) and Users that follow any Topics that are tagged in the post.

    If you are sending a message to a specific person, it is easier to know who you are sending the message to by adding a mention, and they will also receive a notification email (depending on their settings).


    Please refer to the following article for more information on sharing and mentions.

    How Wide is the Sharing Range of a Message Posted on [Open Chat]?
    M120: Mentioning Just Like Twitter

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