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    In the [Filters] of [All Process] specify the application and the start date.
    The start date can be a fixed value (e.g. 2020-10-01) or a relative value (beginning of the month: #now.getFirstTimeInMonth()).

    Application: Target application
    Start date: #now.getFirstTimeInMonth()
    - From: #now.getFirstTimeInMonth()
    - To: #now.getLastTimeInMonth()
    If you save the search condition as "This month's Inquiry List" you can recall it from the side menu with one click next time.

    If you do it in October you will get the October inquiry list; if you do it in November you will get the November inquiry list. If you operate the App as a User who has privileges such as Data Viewing privileges the search will be performed on all cases in the inquiry operation.

    If you want to see a list of Tasks that you were in charge of processing, please use [Accomplishments for this month]. The results for all Apps are listed, so if you click on the target App from the pie chart or the App name on the right, the list of inquiry tasks (that you were in charge of processing) will be narrowed down.


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