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    The URL for the Process Details page will be in the following format:

    • https://{subdomain name}{processInstanceId}/view 

    The {subdomain name} and {process ID} of the URL can be inserted into the body of the email using variables.

    • https://{subdomain name} => ${var[applicationRoot]} (application root URL)
    • {process ID} => #{processInstanceId}

    In a [Throwing Message Intermediate Event (email)] use these variables and set them as follows according to the URL format on the [Details] page.

    • ${var[applicationRoot]}OR/ProcessInstance/#{processInstanceId}/view

    In the body of the actual received email, for example, the following URL will be displayed.



    M224: Auto Sending of Email with Business Data Inserted
    R2272: Automatic Assignment to String-type

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