How to attach a file (PDF) from EXCEL VBA to an existing task using API



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    It is possible to attach a file if you use Workflow API's "Process Task" API (/API/PE/Workitem/Form/save).
    (This is an update API and the Professional/Enterprise edition of the workflow platform is required to use it).

    • Parameter name when attaching a file to a file type: data[XX].upload
      ※ XX: data definition number
    • When sending a file, send it by POST multipart


    • Side menu [API Reference] > [Workflow API] > [/API/PE/Workitem/Form/save]
    • The name of the parameter that specifies the Data Item is the same format as the format using data definition number described in R2210: Data Receiving Parameters and Samples

    An alternative method is to wait for data entry (file attachment) in the middle of the workflow.

    M226: Standing by HTTP Request

    Both of these methods can be achieved by sending an HTTP request in the specified format from the API client side (VBA); please refer to the VBA documentation for details on processing in VBA.

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